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Weld Coupons

Weld Coupons

At Imperial Weld Ring, we manufacture custom weld test pipe coupons, test plates, and backing strips for use in weld certification testing per ASME Section IX specifications, and in full compliance with ASME and Pipe Fabricating Institute (PFI) standards. They are designed for welder training and certification, mock fit-up, practice joints, and procedure qualification record (PQR) materials.

All weld coupons are available in steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly, Hastelloy, aluminum, nickel alloys, titanium, and virtually any material or grade. Regardless of material type, full traceability is available as well as mill certification.

All of our pipe, plate, and test coupons are precision machined transverse to grain - never flame cut. Weld coupon dimensions are typically 4” to 6” in length, but can be fabricated to any length required, and to tolerances as tight as ±1°. We provide unlimited customization, including the fabrication of single and or double end-bevel, and in almost any quantity. From small runs of just a few parts to long runs that include thousands of parts per week, we can provide rush services if needed and typical lead times from 2 days to 1 week with JIT services available.

Inquiries should include coupon length, degree of bevel, and the number of beveled ends/sides as applicable. For more information about our weld coupons, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Taper Ring Bevel for GTAW Root Pass
Taper Ring Bevel for GTAW Root Pass
Single Bevel
Single Bevel
Double Bevel for Heavy Wall
Double Bevel for Heavy Wall
Compound Bevel
Compound Bevel

Examples of commonly supplied coupon configurations shown above. Numerous other end preps available. Modifications available for any dimension.

Weld Coupon Capabilities

Types of Weld Coupons Supplied
Weld Test Pipe / Tube Coupons
Test Plates
Weld Backing Strips / Bars
Pipe Coupons
Plate Coupons
Match-fit Backing Rings
Flat Backing Bars / Strips
Regular code sizes as well as custom / special dimensions
Materials (Metals)
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Nickel Alloys
Manufacturing Methods
CNC Turning
Plate Beveling
Pipe Beveling
Pipe Length
Stocked: 6", 4" and 2" length
Regular Code Sizes / Custom & Special Dimensions
End Prep
BBE = Beveled Both Ends
BOE X SQ = Beveled One End X Square Cut
SQ X SQ = Square Cut X Square Cut

***Test plates beveled transverse to grain
Unique Features
Machined Bevels (Never Flame Cut)
Deoxaluminite Weldable Primer Available on all Machined Surfaces
Plate Bevels Machined Transverse to Grain
100% Heat / Lot Traceability and Marking
Mill Test Reports Available for All Materials
Unlimited Part Customization Available
Small or Large Order Sizes
Production Volume
Small Run
Large Run
Large Scale Welder Qualifications
Welder Training - Quantity as Required
Typical Lead Times Available
Same Day Shipment / Customer Pick-Up Available
JIT Services Available

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Industry Standards
ASME Section IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications
Pipe Fabricating Institute (PFI)
Intended Applications
Welder Qualification
Welder Training
Welding Procedure Qualification
Mock Fit-up / Practice Joints
Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) Materials